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3C Power attiva il primo IoT gateway LoraWan in Puglia

E' stato ufficialmente attivato  il nostro primo Gateway LoraWAN per la creazione delle rete IoT in Puglia e nella provincia Bat all'interno dell'iniziativa The Things Network Italia. Dopo aver terminato una fase di test , siamo lieti di poter comunicare l'ufficiale attivazione del primo gateway LoraWAN al Sud Italia presso la nostra sede di Canosa di…
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IoT Infrastructure in a Medical Center

Reliable wireless communication in a hospital allows for real-time patient monitoring that can mean the difference between life and death. In addition to the medical uses, dependable Wi-Fi in hospitals can also affect the customer rating received after a patient is discharged.

In order to set up a reliable Wi-Fi network and reap the benefits that reliability brings, preparations must be performed by the IT manager. This white paper lists and explains the five required steps an IT manager must take when setting up Wi-Fi infrastructure in a medical center.

Many medical devices require persistent network connections. Providing such connections over Wi-Fi in a hospital can be a challenge.

When a medical device is mobile, the Wi-Fi radio in that device must switch, or roam, from one infrastructure endpoint to another. Fast and effective roaming is essential to maintaining a persistent network connection and ensuring the reliable operation of the applications that rely on such a connection.

This white paper explains how roaming works and how roaming can be optimized to ensure the reliable operation of client devices, including medical devices, that use Wi-Fi in a hospital


IoT Wireless World – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

The LoRa Alliance is a consolidated effort from industry leaders to standardize and enable the Internet of Things (IoT). MWC is a global technology convention attended by more than 100,000 people representing most of the top technology companies in the world.

"3C POWER  brings to the partnership years of experience in embedded wireless technologies, ranging from low-energy Bluetooth modules to enterprise-grade Wi-Fi, which are the primary means of connectivity in the upcoming IoT." Our highly experienced teams are expert in overcoming even the most complex challenges, putting our in-depth knowledge of the latest materials and processes to work in designing outstandingly reliable products and applications for our customers.  Learn how we are addressing industry issues by delivering innovative solutions that get results.

3C Power and Total Connect Box

Total Connect Box è la soluzione ideale per gli installatori professionali di sicurezza che vendono sistemi di sicurezza nel mercato residenziale. Senza led di segnalazione e sirena incorporati, Total Connect Box fornisce un sistema compatto e sicuro che può essere installato con discrezione. Con Ethernet e GPRS, così come un modulo Wi-Fi / Bluetooth opzionale, gli installatori sono in grado di progettare l'impianto ideale per i propri clienti.