Milestone Software VMS

3C POWER Srl is a O&M company expert in Milestone Software VMS : XProtect Corporate and XProtect Expert are designed for large-scale, multi-site installations and support an unlimited number of cameras, users and sites. They offer centralized management of all parts of the system, including recording servers, users, storage and devices. Without this centralized management approach, it would be far more time-consuming to manage and maintain the system. There is no need to be physically present at each server for configuration tasks as these can be done in a central location. The Management Client is the single point of administration for an entire system, including remote handling of servers, devices, and users. System and configuration reporting, including CPU performance is available and the management and the smart client. XProtect Corporate is also compatible with XProtect Web Client and Milestone Mobile with a 64-bit recording server application, (N.B. more cameras can be connected per recording server than was the case with the previous 32-bit recording server increasing the cost).

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